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Is it time to re-seed your pasture?

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of feeding dairy cows is to increase the production of high quality forage on the farm. It is impossible to produce the best quality forage from poor quality pastures. The difference between top and poor quality silage is equivalent to at least an extra 0.5ppl in saved feed costs.

Revolutionise dry cow feeding!

The ‘Advanced HealthyCalver Nut’, captures the benefits of their proven DCAB system in an easy to use all in one feed. Advance's formulation includes anionic salts to achieve a partial DCAB status, as well as higher levels of major minerals and vitamins than most other products available, especially magnesium, zinc, selenium and vitamin E.

Solve dry cow problems with Advanced DCAB

Do you have problems with your dry cows at calving? Are you getting more cases of milk fever than you’d like? If this sounds familiar then consider trying Advanced DCAB - a complete feed with all the necessary ingredients incorporated into one bag to make feeding the late dry cow easier and more effective.

Maintain milk yield and fats this summer

Summer brings with it the challenge of maintaining milk yields and butterfats.

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