Welcome to Advance Sourcing

Welcome to Advance Sourcing – a sister company to Kite Consulting.

Advance Sourcing secures the best deals on a broad range of specialist agricultural inputs for our farmer clients. We work with a large number of trusted suppliers and our aim is simple – to keep you ahead of the competition by sourcing technically sound products that will make or save you money. Our mission is to add value to your business, so why not give us a try?

We look forward to working with you.

Featured Product - ReaShure

ReaShure is a protected choline which helps prevent fatty liver in the transition cow. A healthy and properly functioning liver will help cows transition more smoothly, creating a faster and more productive start to their lactation. ReaShure typically increases milk yields by 1.2 litres when fed just to dry cows. The product is supplied in 25Kg bags.

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"Cows would definitely pick PreCalver 450 if they could talk!"

North Yorkshire farmer Jos Lancaster thought his herd was as healthy and successful as it could be, until nutrition consultant Tim Davies suggested he try PreCalver 450 - with amazing consequences.

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