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This section of our website contains all the latest techical information from Advance. If you have any queries on any of the attached or would like to discuss a particular issue further then please contact us.


Rumen protected choline for dairy cows

Kite Consultant Tim Davies discusses the use of rumen protected choline for transition and freshly calved cows.

Ecosyl silage additives

Ecosyl Products Limited offers a full range of proven high quality additives for grass, legume and cereal/legume bi-crop silages to fit any forage harvesting situation. This aim of this technical article is to provide more information about Ecosyl silage additive and its mode of action.


This technical article looks at mineral supplementation.

Acidosis and SARA

This technical article covers the implications of Acidosis.

Dry cow management

This technical article covers the management and feeding of cows during the dry period.


This technical article provides information on mycotoxins and how to prevent problems.

Feeding fat to dairy cows...

This technical article reviews the benefits of feeding fats to dairy cows and looks at some of the products available.

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