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Simple and effective dry cow nutrition delivers results

Nutrition is a critical part of the management of dry cows, says Carmarthen-based milk producer, Grant Hartman. Advanced HealthyCalver plays a key role in Grant’s dry cow management, ensuring that cows ‘hit the ground running’ once they have calved, with minimal health issues.

Advanced SuperStart - accelerates calf growth

It is widely acknowledged that colostrum is the most important feed for a newborn calf. We know that the quality, quantity and quickness of the colostrum being fed to the newborn calf is of vital importance but what next? After giving them the best start, attention to detail needs to continue in order for the calf to thrive. One area that is often overlooked is the feeding of the pre-weaned dairy heifer calf to help maximise her future potential as an adult cow.

"Cows would definitely pick PreCalver 450 if they could talk!"

North Yorkshire farmer Jos Lancaster thought his herd was as healthy and successful as it could be, until nutrition consultant Tim Davies suggested he try PreCalver 450 - with amazing consequences.

Herd improvement since using Advance

Philip Pocock has been milking cows on his farm, near Langport in Somerset, for nearly 40 years. He purchased his first robotic milking machine five years ago and now milks 120 cows with two robots, employing one full time and one casual member of staff. Although overall cow health is generally good at Westover Farm, milk protein has historically been an issue - meaning that keeping above the 3% threshold required by Philip’s milk buyer is a constant challenge.

Three litre response after Mycotoxin problem identified

Robert Ley and his son-in-law faced a difficult challenge on their dairy farm last year which took them a long time to rectify.  They have learned a valuable lesson which they feel is worth sharing.

Advance minerals deliver health benefits

Over the last nine months Wiltshire dairy farmer Nick Helyer (pictured) has seen herd performance improve in nearly all key areas.

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